What Teachers Should Know About Learning Theories is recently completed consultancy project funded by the Education Bureau. It provided an overview of learning theories, instructional models, with selected examples from teachers in Hong Kong. MORE

The Knowledge Building Teacher Network (KBTN) was a professional development project funded by the Education Bureau, and directed by Professors Nancy Law and Carol Chan between 2006 and 2011. The resources presented here were developed by seconded teachers in this project to mentor other teachers in knowledge building.


Using Knowledge Forum

This section provides user guides in English and Chinese that can be downloaded for student use, as well as teacher guides for managing the database, and videos demonstrating how to perform various tasks in Knowledge Forum. MORE

Pedagogical Model

This section outlines a 4-stage pedagogical model that teachers in Hong Kong use to cultivate a learning community and develop knowledge building practices. MORE

Classroom Videos

This section shows videos of classroom processes, and requires a password. MORE

Inquiry Resources

Knowledge building involves a lot of writing by which a class develops its ideas, but other inquiry resources are also needed. This section begins to provide links to resources that teachers have found useful. MORE