How Do Our Ideas Develop Over Time?


This question is all about idea improvement. What are we learning? There are two parts to the analysis:

  1. Get all the notes that have been read by a certain number of students, e.g. all the notes that have been read by at least 10 students. The KCA generates a list of keywords used in those notes.
  2. Download the table with the content of the notes in which a keyword occurs, and analyze how the use of that keyword develops over time. The assumption is that the keyword stands for an important concept or fact.

Sample Results

Part 1 applied to a database os 266 notes showed that 32% of notes had been read by at least 10 students in a class of 41 students. There were 18 different keywords that were used more than once in these notes. One of these was “gravitational force”, which occurred in 5 notes. These notes could be used to reflect on how understanding of “gravitational force” changed over time.

Using the Results to Improve Knowledge Building

The output can be used to reflect on understanding of a key concept. You can do this in a small group. Different small groups can report their findings. Demonstrating evidence that you are learning key concepts is important.