Pedagogical Model

Using the knowledge building principles                                                                

The following diagram shows a 4-phase model that teachers in Hong Kong have used much to implement knowledge building and Knowledge Forum gradually over a school year. Each phase is then elaborated.


Four-phase model








Phase 1 – Develop a Collaborative Culture

Most teachers in Hong Kong find that they need to spend time with their students to develop a learning community. Students need to learn to collaborate (e.g., consider the ideas of others, synthesise ideas from different students, and coordinate the collaboration).

Phase 2 – Using Knowledge Forum

In this phase, the teacher introduces Knowledge Forum. The key issues at this time are that students are pursue good questions – that can drive their inquiry – and that the learn how to interact on Knowledge Forum.

Phase 3 – Deepening Inquiry

Now students are contributing to Knowledge Forum. There may be quite a few notes, but the discussion may not be making conceptual progress. Several types of strategy can be helpful:

Phase 4 – Assessing the Work on Knowledge Forum     

By this time, students have learned basic techniques for knowledge building. Now it becomes more useful for them to have access to assessment data from Knowledge Forum that they can use to reflect on their online work.

Further Reading

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