Encourage Interaction on KF

Utilise Students’ Interests

It is important that the works students are expected to do on Knowledge Forum is authentic to them. This can be achieved by:

  • Letting students decide their own discussion topic and questions
  • Finding out interesting, controversial, puzzling and daily-life-related issues to introduce “boring” topics that are required by the curriculum
  • Empowering students and minimising interferences from teachers. This can be done, for instance, by tolerating minor mistakes to avoid dampening students’ incentive (students can learn from trial and errors), and by allowing students to refine the topic and explore new directions for inquiry

Develop Knowledge Forum Skills

It is useful to help students to acquire specific skills on Knowledge Forum that support better knowledge building, they include:

  • Writing clear and meaningful note titles
  • Using scaffolds appropriately
  • Adding references (to cite other students’ notes, to add attachments)
  • Using keywords, etc.


Encourage Students to Write Build-on Notes

  • Explain to students that “Build-on” is just like “Listening and talking to your friends!”’
  • Remind students, “KF is not for Q&A or assignment writing!”


Provide Feedback

During the lesson, the teacher can use around 10 minutes for a brief review of work on Knowledge Forum. For example:

  • Praising a few students who have written notes on KF for their effort, showing their notes to the class, and asking students to comment on what they consider good notes
  • Encouraging positive social dynamics by inviting students to give feedback or to make queries on the notes of other students written and inviting note authors to respond
  • Challenging students with some critical questions to spark students’ interest in exploring new perspectives, and reflecting on their existing ideas (do not give direct answers or corrections)
  • Providing suggestions regarding useful resources which can support students’ ideas
  • Remind students to post their new ideas and queries onto KF and to continue their discussion