Quantitative Assessment

Teachers use two kinds of tools for assessing students’ work on Knowledge Forum, the Analytic Toolkit, and applets that are integrated with Knowledge Forum.

The Analytic Toolkit (ATK)

  • This is an online tool available at http://analysis.ikit.org; it helps teachers to generate various types of participation scores for students.
  • The ATK provides various quantitative measures to analyse students’ performance on KF, including: the numbers of notes created and read; the number of notes with scaffolds or keywords; and who has read or responded to the notes written by each student (interactional data). Sample data outputs are shown below.


Assessment Applets in KF

  • Applets are Java applications that are available from Knowledge Forum rather than a separate website
  • They provide similar information than the ATK (although fewer variables are available), but present the information visually.
  • Two most frequently used tools are ‘Contribution’ and ‘Social network’
  • The “Vocabulary Growth” applet is useful for assessing growth in the use of a particular vocabulary that students are expected to learn