Move to New Discussions

After analysing, commenting on and summarising what has been discussed, students should move onto further discussion or new directions for discussion, in order to achieve deeper knowledge building.

Identify Notes Which Merit Further Inquiry

Notes or cluster of notes that merit further inquiry and discussion are those containing:

  •  new ideas or concepts
  • new perspectives of looking at an issue
  • new questions that have arisen from a previous discussion

Copy Useful Notes to a New View using the Workspace

In staring the next discussion along these lines, it is useful to copy the notes that merit further inquiry into a new view and continue there. This can be done using the Workspace tool. One can add the notes into the workspace, go to the new view, and then drag the notes from the workspace. The workspace acts as a temporary storage area for collecting related notes, attachments, movies, and views from multiple sources. It can also be used manage resources when you are creating a reference note.