Research Methods Resources

Download narrated presentations on major approaches

Case studies  |  Experiments  |  Survey research

Research Integrity

Critical Review of Research Article

  • Criteria for good research: This document, made with M. Ed. students, provides a checklist you can use for evaluating various aspects of a research article
  • Template: For the group review presentation. See the notes for each slide for instructions about what information should be provided.

Simple data analysis tools

  • Explore normal distribution Use this tool to explore the standard normal distribution (passing rate, etc.)
  • Online t-test: Enter your data and indicate what kind of t-test you want. If you are comparing participants from two different samples (e.g., experimental and control) use the unpaired t-test; if you measure the same sample at different times (e.g., pre-test and post-test), then use the paired t-test. Check if p < .05 for your t value.
  • Online ANOVA (Analysis of variance): Use this technique if you have more than 2 samples. The test will tell you if the average of one sample is statistically different from any of the other sample averages. The result will give you an F value. Check if the p < 0.05 for that F value.

Developing a Research Proposal

  • Preliminary proposal template: Part-time students should use this template. They are developing only a preliminary proposal focusing on the ideas behind the research why the research is important, and a general outline of the data collection.
  • Dissertation proposal template: Full-time students who will do a dissertation should use this template.
  • Project proposal template: Full-time students use this template if you intend to to a project (in the sense the M. Ed. program uses this term) rather than a dissertation. If is a more design oriented than the “research proposal”.
  • Writing a literature review: PPT tutorial (with brief notes) for self-study.
  • APA primer: This document provides a brief tutorial on APA style, that should be sufficient for writing proposals in this course.