1. Exploring the Notes

This tutorial takes you through a “think-aloud” session in which Jan van Aalst reviews some notes in Knowledge Forum and considers how to respond to them.

Although you can respond to notes one at a time, many notes are not responded to this way (there are too many responses to make), and this method also does not lead to coherent understanding of the topic. Thus, in addition to some individual responses it is important to study collections of notes and respond to these as a whole. This way you can integrate knowledge and come up with rise-above ideas that take thinking to a new level. This tutorial looks at this process in several steps.

In this first session I select a cluster of notes and copy them to a personal workspace to have a better look at them. My Workspace is a space where you can keep notes and objects that you are working with. The cluster is about a question posed by a student:

Why do people live in igloos, which are made from ice and would seem cold?

The purpose of the exploration is to get a general impression of what has been written in the cluster of notes.