KCA: What’s Happening To My Own Notes?


This section of the KCA provides you information for reflecting on your own notes. For example, which of your notes have been read most widely? Which notes have received build-on notes? By examining the features of such notes, you may gain some insight into why some of your notes have more impact than others. Comparing with the results that other students get may also help.

Sample Data

A student asked which of her notes received at least one build-on note. The results are shown in Table 1. Two notes qualified: one receiving 12 build-on notes, and the other 1 build-on note.

build-on notes

Figure 1

We can click on build-on to see the build-on notes. The result for the first note is shown in Table 2. The table shows 12 build-on notes, and the content field gives an indication of what each note is about. The original note provides instructions for an experiment, and the build-on notes comment on this. Some comment that the instructions are clear, others suggest improvements to the instructions.


Table 2

Using the Results to Improve Knowledge Building

The main point of this question is to help you reflect on the effectiveness of your own notes. Are other students noticing them? Do they make a difference. Based on your analysis, you may have some ideas about how you can use KF better to support your own learning. Some questions you may consider are:

  • Why are some of my notes not noticed, while others are widely read or built-on?
  • Are some features that widely built-on notes have in common?