Our research group works on knowledge building: its theory, classroom implementation, and assessment. We advise educators in the region on current instructional approaches and theories, and organise a stream in the M. Ed. program known as “Designing Powerful Learning Environments” (DPLE).

This site describes what is known about implementing knowledge building in education, and invites collaboration to study areas where further knowledge is needed.  Our aim is to put this approach directly in the hands of teachers and students by providing:

  • Explanations of the principles behind knowledge building
  • Translations of key research findings into practical ideas
  • Access to resources for implementing knowledge building
  • Tutorials on knowledge building
  • Opportunities to respond to information

What is Knowledge Building?

Knowledge Forum view“Knowledge building” refers to how a community advances its current knowledge. It involves figuring out what the limits of knowledge in a community are, and working to advance beyond those limits by means of discussions, investigations, and synthesis and evaluation of ideas. Students may use a variety of educational tools, but the most important among them is the “knowledge-base,” an online environment where students work on their ideas. Knowledge building is considered useful for developing 21st century skills, including working in teams, learning how to learn, dealing with novel situations, and using IT for learning. Wikipedia entry

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