Knowledge Building Basics

This presentation describes the main ideas of knowledge building in layman’s terms. It is intended for secondary school students and teachers. MORE

Think-aloud at Knowledge Forum (KF)

Using KF can get stuck at the level of writing and responding to individual notes. This often does not lead to knowledge building. Besides writing individual notes, it also is important to gain an impression of where things are going. What new questions are emerging? What is being accomplished? This tutorial is a think-aloud session that reviews a set of notes and considers a response to them. the topic is one from secondary school physics, but the approach is general. MORE

Using the Knowledge Connections Analyzer (KCA)

The purpose of this tool is to help you evaluate whether your work on KF has the right features. The KCA looks at four basic questions that you can use to do that.

  1. Are we a community that collaborates?
  2. Are we putting our knowledge together?
  3. How do our ideas develop over time?
  4. What’s happening to my own notes?