Knowledge Connections Analyser (KCA)

KF analyser

This tool is designed to be used by students and teachers to reflect on four aspects of their work on Knowledge Forum. It uses server-log data (e.g., how many notes a student has written), but presents the information in the context of four general questions:

  1. Are we a community that collaborates?
  2. Are we putting our knowledge together?
  3. How do our  ideas develop over time?
  4. What’s happening to my own notes?

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Idea Thread Mapper (IDM)

The IDM has been developed by Dr. Jianwei Zhang and colleagues at the State University of New York at Albany. The basic idea is to organise collections of notes into “idea threads”, which facilitates analysis of idea improvement within the threads. Classes can “publish” the results of their inquiry and share it with other classes. MORE