Research Methods Resources

Download narrated presentations on major approaches

Case studies  |  Experiments  |  Survey research

Research Integrity

  • Faculty of Education Research integrity/ethics website: It’s your responsibility to ensure that you are familiar with the policies at HKU regarding ethics in research. All research procedures in, for example, dissertation research, must first be approved by the University. This website provides all the relevant information.

Critical Review of Research Article

  • Criteria for good research: This document, made with M. Ed. students, provides a checklist you can use for evaluating various aspects of a research article
  • Template: For the group review presentation. See the notes for each slide for instructions about what information should be provided.

Simple data analysis tools

  • Explore normal distribution Use this tool to explore the standard normal distribution (passing rate, etc.)
  • Online power calculator For simple studies: Calculate the sample size needed to detect a difference in means of given size.
  • Online t-test: Enter your data and indicate what kind of t-test you want. If you are comparing participants from two different samples (e.g., experimental and control) use the unpaired t-test; if you measure the same sample at different times (e.g., pre-test and post-test), then use the paired t-test. Check if p < .05 for your t value.
  • Online ANOVA (Analysis of variance): Use this technique if you have more than 2 samples. The test will tell you if the average of one sample is statistically different from any of the other sample averages. The result will give you an F value. Check if the p < 0.05 for that F value.

Developing a Research Proposal

  • Preliminary proposal template: Part-time students should use this template. They are developing only a preliminary proposal focusing on the ideas behind the research why the research is important, and a general outline of the data collection.
  • Dissertation proposal template: Full-time students who will do a dissertation should use this template.
  • Writing a literature review: PPT tutorial (with brief notes) for self-study.
  • APA primer: This document provides a brief tutorial on APA style, that should be sufficient for writing proposals in this course.