DPLE Portfolio


The purpose of the DPLE portfolio is to showcase what we are learning as a community about designing learning environments and instruction. The portfolio is permanent, which means that students can continue to add to them and use them after they graduate. In the years to come, other cohorts also will add their portfolios.


We showcase several examples of portfolios that students have agreed to share publicly:

  • Selma Wang Yuxuan. Selma is a Chinese teacher from Mainland China, who taught for Teach for China before starting the DPLE specialism in 2014, and graduated in 2015.
  • Cezar Cazan. Cezar grew up in Canada and did his undergraduate education there, and then went to Japan to teach English in a primary school. He completed the DPLE specialism in 2014-15.
  • Ethel Chng. Ethel is a science teacher from Singapore, and completed the DPLE specialsim in 2014.
  • Tulip Bhattacharya. Tulip is a social studies teacher in the 2015-17 cohort.


We use a google domain (dple.edu.hku.hk), so that by default all student work is shared only with members of the DPLE community. Students can choose to make their work public if they wish.

Structure of the Portfolio

The portfolio has two parts. The first part focuses on the students themselves, their teaching/learning practice, and their general interests. The second part is used to demonstrate learning relating to the specialism outcomes: research methods, learning sciences, learning with information technology, and designing instruction. Students share how they have grown in their understanding in these areas, and the best entries are those that show new insights that add to what the community has read together.

Getting Started

View this 7-min. video which describes the technical process of creating your portfolio site in the dple.edu.hku.hk domain. By default the site is shared with others in that domain. After you begin to put our content in your portfolio the default instructions begin to disappear. The reference portfolio that was created in the video gives you a way to see the original instructions for the various sections.

Note that the instructions regarding your entries are not carved in stone. You can change the details in each section as long as you keep the overall structure. The most important point is to share your most important learning points and stimulate some responses that invite you to elaborate and explain more. CLICK HERE for the portfolio of one of the instructors (Van Aalst), which also serves as a place for discussing the evolution of the portfolio concept.

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